An Invitation

  Hello, I got your elegant invitation. My schedule will not be able to accommodate a road trip at this time. I understand you will visit unannounced sometime in the near future. Please know when that day arrives, I will welcome you. You have been considerate of my inability to travel with you over our … More An Invitation

Going Home

It was still dark when my alarm went off. I have the ringer set to the most gentle of sounds. They say how you wake sets the mood for the day. I laid there in my old bedroom gathering my thoughts. My room hadn’t changed much since I left for college. All my posters were … More Going Home

Quality of Life and Other Concerns in Long-Term Survivorship

Quality of life may be considerably difficult during active cancer treatment. Side effects can be acute and short-lived, and the majority of disease-free cancer survivors report good quality of life 1 year post treatment in this study by Cancer Journal for Clinicians: Issue online: 8 July 2016.  Long-term or late side effects vary, depending on many factors such … More Quality of Life and Other Concerns in Long-Term Survivorship